Video Marketing

Videos offers an enormous added value, they are dynamic, versatile, inexpensive and gives your marketing message an tremendous force. How is video specifically able to achieve my business objectives? Video  should be developed with a single goal in mind: How do I communicate my companies understanding of, and solutions to, my customers’ problems. Made in Space develops the right type of video to promote your business, based on different styles, structures and purpose of the corporate goal. Video supports your brand and should be in line with your marketing activities.

Added value for use of video

  • Video is one of many tools that a company can use to promote their business and demonstrates like no other media can how  their product or service works.
  • Video is dynamic, fast, attractive, always accessible, manageable, personal and capable to emphasize and capture the real authentic atmosphere.
  • Video generates much higher retention rates because it engages more than one of the senses at the same time. Video works on a visceral level, it makes you think and let you feel.
  • New techniques and resources make video productions a cheaper option.
  • Video makes it easier to be found online. As part of your branding strategy and SEO this reinforces your position and increases your online search ability.
  • Online video gives easy feedback and ability to integrate a call to action.

Effective marketing components for video

  • Video is engaging and has an emotional appeal. present compelling content that engages your audience.
  • The script is the ‘what’ in the video development process. Deciding on the right thing to say is always more important than how that information is ultimately presented.
  • Strong storyline that carries the video, they make us think, feel and inspire us.
  • The target audience can relate to story, is believable and therefor trusted.
  • Use a clear strong concise message tailored to needs of specific target audience.
  • Clear defined objective, care about how you can solve their problem.
  • Show the viewer what is being described in the video, don’t tell me but show me. Shorter is almost always better, this also helps to keep the attention of the impatient viewer.
  • It is professionally and with care produced.

Questions on developing effective video concept

  • Who is your audience?
  • Are you speaking your customer’s language?
  • What are the key messages that have to be communicated?
  • Do you understand the key issues affecting your industry?
  • At what stage of the buying cycle are you targeting your prospects? The awareness, interest, and consideration phases of the buying cycle all require different approaches and will influence the kind of video that will be produced.
  • Are you clearly outlining the benefits that will best resonate with your target audience?
  • Do you have a style in mind?
  • Is there a ‘concept’ behind the video that ties it together?
  • Based on the concept and style, how should the message be delivered.?
  • What is happening in the video as these messages are being heard?
  • When, how and where do you include branded information?
  • What are the measurable business outcomes? How do you measure success?