Video Products

The increase of bandwidth and declining production costs, video is rapidly become more important as a marketing communication tool. Video is dynamic, engaging and convincing. Purpose, context and relevance determine the length and cost of an online or offline video. Purpose, what are you trying to achieve with this media asset? Context, where will your audience be consuming the video? Relevance, from the customers perspective, what do they get out of the video? Here are plenty of ways in which you can use audiovisual media in order to achieve these goals.

Customer Reference Videos
Product and Service Promotion
Corporate Video
Training Videos
Customer Support
Internal Communications
Advertising, Marketing and Promotion
Innovative Use of Video
Customer Reference Videos

Customer Testimonials and Success Stories
Having your customer extol the virtues of your products and services or explaining how your company helped them to achieve their business goals.

Video Case Study
A video case study combines customer testimonials with more a more in-depth explanation of how your company’s products and services helped your customer be successful.

Product and Service Promotion

Product and Service Presentations
Product or service presentations focus on benefits and talk from your customer’s perspective, are more suited for the consideration phase. They speak clearly to how your product solves a specific business, personal or economic problem. They are used to help your customers and prospects differentiate between the benefits of your products and services to those of your competitors.

Product and Service Demonstrations
Product demonstrations show how your product works and highlight the features, from your customer’s perspective, are more suited for the comparison phase. Excellent way to show how your product or service works, help your customers and prospects differentiate between the features and funcionalities of your products and services to those of your competitors.

Behind the Scenes Video
Personalize your brand. Open up the cultural veil and let customers and products understand who you are – a group of humans rather than a brand. Authenticity and openess is important.

Visual Stories
Visual stories employ illustrations, animations and motion graphics with a voice-over to explain complex products or services in a simple and compelling manner.

Personal Story Video / Thumbprint Video
Personalize your profession and give insight into the person behind the work. What drives you, what are your dreams, dilemmas and challenges. Show what you are doing in a beautifully designed story, this gives a personal impression for your customers to behold.

Corporate Videos

Corporate Overview
These videos give new visitors or customers a better idea of the company. Corporate overview videos typically company history, key products, executives, owners and other top level business info. Reportage can be divided into shorter more targeted and segmented videos.

Corporate Facilities, Equipment or Installation Tour
Gives a clear picture of your facilities, the scale and international development of your company and or industry. Not only the physical facilities but also your network and the stakeholders can be part of your communication. Camera stabilization techniques offer the possibility of smooth a walkthrough experience to give a dynamic impression of real estate projects, homes being on sale, stylish restaurants and trendy shops.

Project videos / Making of
Great innovative or prestigious business projects will long prove an important factor of communication, it is therefore important that there will be professionally registered. Whether it’s a great long-term construction project of factories, land reclamation, tunnels, bridges, ships, oil platforms or new techniques, seeing is believing.

In Store Video
Video screens are very common in stores. It offers the possibility to promote your own goods and services. Keep shoppers informed by new offerings. Give them clear product information, show them how certain products work, are made of or where they come from.

Training Videos

Trainingen and Education
Video is an excellent application for the purpose of training and education support, sales, service or personal development. It is a cost effective replacement for classroom instruction and also easy to integrate into online training management tools.

How-to Video
Contextual training videos are becoming very popular on the web. How-to videos, video manuals, quick assembly demos, and other types of video are being used to supplement or replace traditional training. Mobile video in combination with QR of TAG codes will increase the popularity of this type of video.

Customer Support

Post sale support and maintenance videos
No one reads manuals. You can save thousands of euros of post sale support by creating informative assembly, installation and maintenance videos for your products and services.

Website FAQ Videos
In certain situations video can be a suitable replacement for text where an authoritative voice, support materials or other visual references are required. A list of FAQ’s will be answered by a company expert.

Internal Communication

Internal Communication and Change Management videos
In larger companies few people have the time or interest to understand what other groups or functions within the company do or even why they exist. Internal videos that highlight business plans, new business activities and achievements can improve knowledge transfer and lead to more effective communications. In addition, these videos offer a good opportunity to better guide change through mergers and acquisitions. This application will also be of more importance for workers to stay with the company when they work from home.

Employee Orientation
Once your new recruits are on board employee orientation videos are a great way to get new staff up to speed. Company history, structure, procedures, policies and codes of behavior can all be communicated effectively with video.

Health, Legal & Safety
The cost of dealing with health, legal and safety related issues within organizations continues to grow. The use of targeted video is an effective and inexpensive way on these areas to keep current.

Advertising, Marketing and Promotion

Commercials are still the most basic method for promoting commercial products or services through television and online channels. A proliferation of video screens on each building or unit will lead to a more diverse set of opportunities to advertise. The challenge remains to create specialized content to remain focused on an increasingly smaller niche audience.

Viral Video
A viral video is only viral when it is so convincing that people want to share it with each other. Viral videos have to be very interesting, funny, shocking or meaningful to be successful. In addition, they intrinsically should have a real connection, and therefore value for the brand in itself. Successful viral video are particularly difficult to do well.

Content Marketing
Much of the video content being created is focused on selling and focused on the brand. Focusing on solving your customers problems first and then associating your brand with those solutions will be increasingly more important and effective. What knowledge do you have that can help your customers and prospects. People come to your website to their problem, not to see your sales pitch.

Landing Pages
Video is beginning to replace or supplement text and graphics as a content element on many corporate websites. Landing pages can offer a more compelling call to action with video.

Innovative Use of Video

Recruitment Videos
Finding the best employees is the single most important function of any company and yet comparatively small amounts of time and money are allocated to this critical task. Recruitment videos that feature company employees, highlight corporate culture and promote the direction of the company can be very influential. Clear visual description of vacancies can also attract the right people. Digital video resumes from job seekers with explanation of resume, portfolio, skills, experience and interests provides for a potential employer also a good indication of suitability of candidates.

Company Lobby, Waiting Room Video
Video screens are popping up everywhere, why not in your lobby or reception where you can get a jump start on first impressions and also take advantage of a captive audience. As in offices, at dentist, doctor or hospital.

Mobile Video
Mobile video will soon be the largest video category outside of broadcast. In the short-run, mobile video will consist of hastily re-purposed video made to fit on a mobile device. It will quickly evolve into a much more specific format, five to fifteen second hyper targeted messages that are part of location aware and micro-niched promotions. Adding mobility to video will generate many new uses and formats for video.

Video for Magazine, Ebook, Booktrailers
Videos can be of more perfectly integrated with the new techniques currently applied to traditional media such as books and magazines which have increasingly a digital edition in the form of ebook epub and. Book Trailers are also an effective means to promote books on the site or in the newsletter. With QR or TAG code vert well able to connect to physical books.