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(Nederlands) De Koe voor Woerden

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(Nederlands) Ondergronds Rotterdam

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(Nederlands) Betengeling Frans Hazenbosch

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The Cow for Woerden – The proces

The board of the Foundation ‘Cow for Woerden’ wants a sculpture of a cow (Indian granite) achieving full size model and give it to the inhabitants of the municipality of Woerden. For this great project ArtistiX was able to deliver the rough stone. There has been chosen for a stone of Indian granite with dimensions of 2.6 × 1.6 × 1.6 meters and a weight of 22.000kg! The stone is checked by ArtistiX on location in India on suitability for the project. In January 2014 the stone was delivered to Arte Ateliers Kamerik.

Gaetane Scholten Arte Studios designed the image of the cow. With the help of twenty volunteers they almost daily worked on the granite block. After months of hard work more than nine tons of granite has been removed. The sculpture ‘Cow for Woerden’ will be moved to its final place to the square for the library in Woerden. Therby the artwork becomes the ‘Cow of Woerden’.

Mirror to the Future

This video is an extensive dialog between Victor DeConinck and Alfons de Laat about his new book Mirror to the Future – lost in the European air castle.

Missionary Work Rotterdam

The MAR approached me to make a short story about their religious organization and to portrait the 3 different fields of their activity.

Dutch Special Forces

In preparation for the intensive Basic Commando Training (ECO) of the Dutch Special Forces (KCT) and to enhance the success rate a special pilot project AMO KCT has been developed. Commissioned by Ministry of Defense and the training center of the General Military Training (AMO) a documentary of the last week of training has been made. Here we have followed the aspiring commandos on their night patrols, movements, firing exercises, speed marches, simulated raids and ambushes, obstacle courses, boating excursions, observations, explorations and for closing the heavy commander march.