About Space

Made in Space Productions is a creative company that focuses on audiovisual productions for internal and external communications in the b2b and b2c business area. Development of audiovisual media and visual concepts and focusing on both online and offline communication for entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations.

What Space stand for

Clear and inspiring communication brings a natural potential of people and situations to development. Unambiguous understanding thereby leads to optimal cooperation and transcending solutions, and employs more satisfied customers, staff and stakeholders as a result. Effective communication is crucial, a moving picture is even worth more than a thousand words.

Clever use of video in communication is essential. Video is dynamic, engaging, compelling and very versatile. It offers limitless possibilities and creates immediate value.

Made in Space Productions creates professional videos that are short, powerful and clear depict the essence and give direction to effective visual communication. Made in Space has a dynamic, pragmatic and creative approach to telling visual stories, involving identification, long term vision and helicopter view as central points.

What Space exactly does

Made in Space produces audiovisual productions for entrepreneurs, companies and organizations who consciously and targeted profile themselves to their environment. Productions of internal and external communication are expressed in the creation of corporate videos, online videos, commercials, and product and service promotion. In the fast paced visual world the use of online video and video marketing is thereby for any serious entrepreneur an indispensable factor for targeted communication and traceability on the Internet.

How Space does this

Made in Space is characterized by a pragmatic analytical approach, and provides effective, inspiring, nonconformist audiovisual media. This begins by listening carefully to the client, to sense what it has in mind, and see what the goals are for both the short and longer term. The emphasis is on the underlying problem, the cause, and the extrapolation of trends, changes and solutions, the result.

This is then converted with associative and new approaches to effective story lines and inspiring scripts. After that locations and possible actors are arranged, and a recording schedule, script and shot list will be drawn. Which ultimately results in an actual video production.

The production consists of a creative team and has access to a large network of professionals. It is filmed with high quality digital equipment. In all of this we are open to the limitless possibilities that space offers.